Becoming a Yogi

Your own questions should guide your steps. With that in mind I started this project.
The course is condensed in five classes and can be extended if you decide so. I also encourage you to complete some homework I will provide so we can move on according to your progress.
I designed a basic structure you can check here, this can be fully customized or change and in our first meeting we can explore different options.

1st Module

The purpose in Yoga
Spine movement
Yoga and the internal organs

2nd Module

Basic Pranayamas
Meditation techniques

3rd Module

Basic vinyasa
The realm of the physical body

4th Module

Sun salutations and focal points
The realm of the mind

5th Module

Advanced Pranayamas
The realm of the spirit

More options to include in your modules

Subtle anatomy
Counter posture system
Other salutations
Yamas and Niyamas


*Other topics available by request

Basically each module is a class. And the duration of the class is aprox. 2 hours.
There are multiple ways to organize the modules and each topic is adapted to your previous knowledge.
There is a yoga path for every person.
Discover and explore yours.