My name is Kali

My introduction to eastern cultures comes from my parents who were avid students of Zen and its many expressions. I received training in martial arts and meditation from an early age. Growing up, I was familiar with Tai Chi, Sufism and Buddhism principles among other teachings.


After years of what I call “my very western period”, working in office environments, my health started declining and I searched for something closer to my roots, finding Yoga as an incredible relief for my body but mainly for my wholeness.


The first time I stepped into an urban ashram in Buenos Aires in 2001, I felt such a strong sense of being finally back at home. That very same day I signed up for a Yoga teacher training and devoted the next four years to studying Yoga, Ayurveda and to teach. I quit my former 8 to 5 job and completely transformed my life.


In 2018 my steps took me to India in a pilgrimage to re-discover my Yoga practice and to deepen my understanding of Yoga philosophy, I completed a second YTT and visited some long-time awaited places.


The study of archetypes and symbols in different belief systems has been my passion and my personal journey in the mystery.