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Kali Tanaya is a Yoga Teacher and independent researcher in eastern philosophies. She is bringing her teaching experience into this project to facilitate a personalized guided exploration into the realms of Yoga. Open your mind and body to a deeper connection in your Yoga practice.



This is a one on one Yoga course to honor the traditional way of teaching.
I invite you to have a conversation and customize a series of classes to create together a course according to your needs and interests.

Why a Compass for Yoga?

The idea of the compass represents an empowering tool. When you know how to use it, you can go anywhere without getting lost. Without losing yourself.

Are you a Beginner?

You start your journey attending random Yoga classes. After a few trials you find a style that suits you, not so many pretzels, some sweat and your Yoga teacher has the perfect tone of voice for the relax time at the end of the class. You feel better in your body already and it’s been only a few weeks. Last time you were overwhelmed with a deadline in your job you remember that voice… relax… breath and you are able to focus better. This is working! As you get more interested in the possibilities of your Yoga practice you start researching.


You would like to better understand the principles, the basics, but with all that information about chakras from internet and how to land a handstand with thousands of Instagram pictures, you feel you are missing something in between.


My signature course is packed with resources to take your practice to the next level at your pace and following your purpose. Let’s talk and come up with your ideal strategy to go further.

I'm an advanced student. Is this course for me?

You are an advanced Yoga student and you are ready for the next step in your path but don’t want to get into a Yoga Teacher Training. That sounds like a lot of commitment and even if you’ve been toying with the idea, well, there are so many options out there! Difficult to find the criteria to make a choice.
Your practice is strong and you are familiar with some Yoga texts. At this point in your journey you would like to connect all your knowledge so far in a more organic way. In a way that makes more sense and that creates synergy with your practice and in your daily life.
There are many ways to get deeper into your Yoga. I will be happy to help you discover what is your true calling is. The first interview is free of charge and might be just what you need to awaken your purpose regardless whether you decide to follow up with the course or not. Let’s talk!

Already a Yoga Teacher and still having questions.

Maybe you just finished your Yoga Teacher Training and it was a deep experience to say the least. Lots of challenging moments, tons of information, soulmates met, you can feel all that beautiful energy unfolding inside after such a soul nourishing journey.
Of course you still have questions, after all, the knowledge developed over thousands of years had to be squeezed into 200 hours and it surely feels overwhelming to organize that load and extract just enough to fit into a class. In every class your feel that a big river is pushing the dam and you will pour yourself over your students.
It’s a matter of perspective and it’s your practice that generates the most effective way to radiate your knowledge. Oftentimes this is the first area that lacks nourishment when we start teaching. Let’s share experiences and find your inner teacher to guide your style.